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Trade to give and get cool cosplay stuff!

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Welcome to Cos/Swap!

MODERATORS: sadalice, ryoko, pixiekitty015



We now offer an ESCROW SERVICE to ensure that your cosplay trade is safe and protected! Please scroll to the bottom of this page to read about escrow services.

This is a community for the swapping and trading of cosplay-related items. PLEASE READ THE RULES BELOW OR ELSE!


1.This is a MEMBERS ONLY COMMUNITY. Everyone is free to join but you must be approved first to be sure that you understand the rules.

2.This community is for COSPLAY FREECYCLING OR TRADES ONLY. TRADE, SWAP, EXCHANGE, ETC. This is not a community for selling items, for posting eBay auction links, for showing off your costume pictures, for talking about making costumes, for advertising your online seamstress shop, for arranging get-togethers at conventions or photoshoots, or ANYTHING NOT RELATED TO TRADING COSPLAY SUPPLIES! If you post anything not related to the focus of this community, you will get ONE warning and then you will be sent to Bantown for any further infractions. REPEAT, THIS IS NOT AN AUCTION SITE, ADVERTISING SITE OR COSPLAY DISCUSSION SITE!

3. You are free to advertise this community anywhere you like, so long as you make it clear what the focus of this community is!



There are THREE types of posts allowed on this community: Freecycle, Swap and Wanted.


Freecycling is a term used to describe one's willingness to GIVE AWAY an item they no longer desire and can't sell or trade. Let's say you're never going to use a pair of shoes from a Yuna costume again and you doubt anyone would trade you anything good for them. You can take a picture/accurately describe the shoes and post a FREECYCLE entry in this community showcasing the item in question. The entry MUST be labelled in the title as a Freecycle. For example, your item's title would be 'FREECYCLE: Pair of Yuna shoes, US size 6 women's.' You are not required to include a picture but are encouraged.

Interested cosplayers who may need these shoes may then reply to the comment requesting them. Freecycling is strictly a FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVE basis. First person to comment and request the item gets it and usually pays shipping cost for it, unless you're willing to pay shipping cost yourself. You and the commenter may then discuss how the item will be shipped and where.

Once again, Freecycling is a FREE OFFER. You are NOT offering a trade, you are simply getting rid of a cosplay-related item that would otherwise get thrown out or rot in your closet. You are NOT looking to get anything in return other than actual shipping cost.
Members who list an item as Freecycle and then demand a trade, or charge well above the real cost of shipping to ship the item, will be immediately banned, no warnings. Shipping costs are easily determined beforehand using this link for domestic and international shipping rates through the US post office:


International Freecyclers can also calculate postage through www.UPS.com or a similar postal service.


Cos/swap refers to TRADING an item for another item. Not SELLING for money. Not TRADING for currency. Not EXCHANGING for cash! You are offering a cosplay-related item for trade on another item. If you are contacted on a posted swap item of yours and asked to sell it, you should take your trade ELSEWHERE. Any selling that takes place on the community results in BANARANGS for both parties, no excuses. Members are encouraged to report other members who offer to buy tradeable items for money.

When you post a swap item, you must label the header for the entry as such. Example: you have a SailorMars sailor fuku to swap, and you're including her first-season transformation stick. Your entry title would be, "SWAP: SailorMars sailor fuku w/ transformation stick." You entry would include a size, materials that were used, whether it was made by you (or where you purchased it), and what you are willing to trade it for. An example post for this item would be:

Hi, I have a SailorMars sailor fuku to swap, US dress size 5. I made this costume myself using satin for the skirt and collar and a stretchy white cotton for the base of the costume. It's serged on the insides and has no stains or dirt marks except for a small tear in the skirt near the back. Inluded is a first-season transformation stick, which is in very good condition.

I am willing to trade this costume for another whole costume from the Sailormoon series, Naruto series, a kimono, or a Dinah costume from Bizenghast. I will also trade for large amounts of fabric, especially satin. I need about 5 yards of cream satin if anyone has some. Or you can make me an offer to trade for something else!"

That's how a post should go. NO offers to sell for money and no other conditions will apply. You are NOT ALLOWED to swap for services such as promises to make another costume or prop, because of the complications that arise from such dealings. Only swaps for other readily available objects will be allowed. You are allowed and encouraged to request a picture of any items which are offered for a swap.

You MUST INCLUDE pictures of the item you wish to swap! Entries with no or very poorly taken pictures that do not fully show the item will be deleted. Three non-photo swap entries will get you banned. No exceptions. You are allowed to make the note of "ask for pictures" in your entry if you don't have an online photo-hosting service and can email photos, but moderators WILL request emailed photos of non-photo entries to prove that you do have the item and it's as described.

Members may comment on your entry and offer items to swap. They are encouraged to include pictures of the items offered. It is at the poster's discretion to choose who they will swap with...unlike Freecycling, swap posts are NOT first-come first-serve. However you should use your own discretion when arranging a swap and request confirmation of shipping from your swap partner. Cos/Swap is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any swap deals that ocur on this community which are not covered by our official escrow service.

Cos/Swap provides an escrow service which will safely hold your item in a third-party location until your partner mails their item, at which times both items will be sent to the partners to which they were mailed. Please scroll down to read about our escrow service, SafeSwap.


This category is an open post for an item that is wanted. The item MUST BE one of the items from the allowable list in the section below. Use your brain. If it's not allowed for swapping, you cannot request it.

Post a wanted entry with the title, "WANTED: (type of item you want)". Then post a SHORT description of the item within the entry. You do not have to include a picture, but if you can find an image of the item online somewhere to help people know what you're talking about, go for it!

If you have a LOOOONG list of stuff you want, PLEASE keep it to a minimum. Don't go nutty with the wish list. And always put long entries under an LJ cut. Visit the LJ FAQ page to learn more about LJ-specific HTML.


ONLY cosplay related items may be swapped. Here is a definitive list of approved cosplay items to swap. If you have an item to trade that does not appear on this list or you are unsure if it qualifies, CONSULT THE MODERATOR FIRST! Don't risk getting banned!


*Cosplay costumes, either whole or in pieces
ACCEPTABLE: A Naruto costume, made or bought, with or without wigs and props
UNACCEPTABLE: A formerly worn prom dress, unless it has been significantly altered to be a costume, such as a SailorMars illustrated formal dress.

*Cosplay props, swords, weapons, staffs, wands, and other hand-held costume pieces
ACCEPTABLE: A magic Knights Rayearth handmade Umi staff from a CLAMP book illustration
UNACCEPTABLE: A piece of wooden dowel that might be made into a cosplay prop.
MORE UNACCEPTABLE!: An offer to MAKE a cosplay prop in return for an item trade.

*Cosplay accessories not deemed weapons or staffs, such as stuffed animals that relate to a series or qualify as lolita gear, or handheld props that relate to a specific series.
ACCEPTABLE: A white stuffed rabbit toy altered to have a lolita outfit or hat.
UNACCEPTABLE: An ordinary, unaltered stuffed toy like a bear or a rabbit.
MORE UNACCEPTABLE!: A messenger bag with the NERV logo on it from Evangelion.

*Cosplay wearable accessories such as masks, cloaks, official cosplay patches such as Hogwarts school patches, hats, shoes, stockings, socks, gloves, lolita umbrellas, purses, bags, sunglasses, belts, bracelets, jewelry, pads, armor bits, lolita headpieces, hair ribbons, bobbypins, safety pins, etc.
ACCEPTABLE: offering a large amount of hair ribbons, bobbypins and some jewelry that was used in a costume.
UNACCEPTABLE: Homemade jewelry that you made and has nothing whatever to do with cosplay.
MORE UNACCEPTABLE!: Hats and other anime merchandise or souveniers from cons such as con badges, con tshirts, masquerade trophies, ribbons, certificates and awards.

*Wigs, hair extensions, hairpieces, clip-ins, hair dye, foam wig stands, wig caps.
ACCEPTABLE: Posting a custom-made Yuna wig or a collection of hair dye.
UNACCEPTABLE: Offering to make a custom wig in exchange for a trade item.

CAUTION: Because of things like headlice and other strange and icky head-related things, you must excercise your best judgement when trading head items like wigs. If you are trading away a head item, BE SURE to wash it thoroughly and do not post it if you know you have lice or something icky like that! Cos/Swap is not responsible for the hygenic state of swapped items, but we do accept feedback from swappees about the condition of the item they received, so be warned!

*Fabric, fabric-related items such as fabric glue, Stitch Witchery, fabric chalk, pins, needles, sewing supplies, yarn, thread, etc; Costume construction materials such as soft foam, styrofoam shapes or blocks, Model Magic, Sculpey, paints, glues, glitter, paper, wire, beads, pearls, fur, leather, feathers and feather boas, mask forms, glue guns, sewing scissors, wire clippers, Bedazzlers, upholstery studs, paper clay, liquid latex, molding compounds, plastic craft balls, sewing supply holders and containers, bead sorting containers and jars, fabric dyes, UNEXPIRED coupons and certificates to craft stores such as Michaels, JoAnns or A.C. Moore.

ACCEPTABLE: An offer of fifteen yards of casa satin in light blue.
UNACCEPTABLE: A bunch of old clothing that could be cut up to make something else.
MORE UNACCEPTABLE!: A scrapbooking kit that you bought at JoAnns that's really cute.


The following items will get you a warning and/or a ban, depending on the severity and frequency of the offense, so just don't risk it!

*Dollfies, Pullips and other BJD hobbyist toys from japan
*Toys, games, books, clothing and other merchandise which cannot be worn or carried as part of a costume. A stuffed Kerochan for a CardCaptor Sakura costume is a prop. A mug with Kerochan on it is NOT.
*Old and discarded clothing that is not part of a costume and cannot be used as such. Give it to GoodWill instead!
*Dirty stained props or clothing that are beyond gross. If a costume or prop is in used condition that's fine. If a costume is so full of rips, holes and sweat stains, just exercise your better judgement and throw it away or try to salvage the cleaner bits and offer them as costume pieces instead.

Example: A SailorMars costume has major armpit sweat stains in the body of the suit! Solution: Remove the collar, bows and skirt and offer them to trade and throw the bodysuit part away!

Broken props that can be mended are fine, but filthy stained costumes that cannot be cleaned or fixed are better off in the trash!

Once again, if you are unsure whether your item is allowed PLEASE ASK THE MODERATORS!


If you've got questions about whether an item is allowed, PLEASE ask the head moderator, sadalice or post in the Is it Bueno or Ban? topic here: http://community.livejournal.com/cos_swap/443.html

Simply go to that topic and follow the instructions there. It's that simple and you won't have to worry about any infractions because of an accidental post.


Here at Cos/Swap we make no guarantees that your swap will go as you planned, although we do our best to screen members and encourage non-complying swappers to be reported at all times. If you have worries about a dishonest swapper, a traded item that isn't what you expected or members breaking their swap promises, you can use our official escrow service, SafeSwap.


After you and a member in this community have agreed upon a mutal trade of your items, you package up your item and mail it to the SafeSwap escrow service. SafeSwap is a non-biased third party which will hold your mailed package until your swap partner mails his or her package to SafeSwap as well. Once both packages have been received, they will be mailed out again...you will receive the item you swapped for and your partner will receive theirs. This is beneficial because instead of putting your trust in an online stranger and relying on their promise to mail their item to you, SafeSwap will guarantee that both of you get your items safely. If for any reason your swap partner does not send his or her item as planned, the package that you sent will be held by SafeSwap until the situation is resolved, and the package will either be returned to you or sent to the swap partner once they send their package.

SafeSwap eliminates conflicts that may arise because of slow shipping or shipping errors and puts your trust in a third-party escrow service, instead of an online stranger. You are guaranteed to either receive the item you swapped for, or have your package safely returned if your partner doesn't come through on their end of the bargain!

Rates are as follows for escrow services:


SERVICES: Packages will be held until both parties' items are received by SafeSwap. In the event one party does not comply, any packages held at the time by SafeSwap will be returned to their senders free of charge. Non-complying traders will be charged a penalty fee.

PRICE: 15.00 USD flat rate for third-party escrow service, plus actual shipping costs.

SERVICES: In addition to basic services, packages will be opened, contents will be verified and described in their accurate conditions to each party by email, then carefully repackaged and shipped. This ensures that an item is not broken, soiled, misrepresented or missing and that SafeSwap will verify the contents of your intended package before you even receive them.

PRICE: 25.00 USD plus actual shipping costs.


A non-compliance fee of 25.00 USD is included in each plan. If each party complies with the trade and the packages are delivered as planned, this fee will be returned to you upon receiving the package. If one party is not compliant and withholds their promised package despite warnings by SafeSwap, and the situation is not resolved by SafeSwap within 30 days, this fee is NOT returned to the payee. This ensures that there is a penalty for Cos/Swap members who do not comply with the rules of the trade. Every effort will be made by SafeSwap to mediate and resolve an escrow conflict before invoking this penalty clause.


SafeSwap accepts major credit cards and e-checks through Paypal, domestic and international money orders and personal checks. Shipping of packages will be postponed until personal checks are cleared (usually around 5-7 days).

Please email SafeSwap@hotmail.com to schedule an escrow plan.

That's it! Once you are accepted as a member you may begin posting and trading! Have a safe and fun time on Cos/Swap and remember that the head moderator, sadalice is always here to help you!