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wigs that need to disappear [repost]

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Jun. 18th, 2009 | 10:52 am
posted by: sundancekat in cos_swap

In the continuing saga to rid myself of as much stuff as I can before I move, I'm cleaning my closet of all cosplay stuff I no longer need. These wigs were posted to this community last month but got no responses, so I'm reposting. Hope that's OK. ^_^

Here's what's under the cut:
1. Black/red party wig
2. Long pink wig
3. Purple beehive wig [on hold]
4. Long curly pink wig [on hold]
5. Short blonde wig [on hold]

All wigs are in good condition, they've just been stored for several years so they could all use at least a good brushing. Wigs have been kept clean and only worn on my (clean) head with a wig cap. Any specifics are noted with each individual wig. Larger images are linked under each wig description.

Since all this stuff weighs about the same, domestic shipping is $5 for the first item, and an additional $1 for each additional item. If you're international, let me know where you're from when you claim something and I'll give you a shipping quote.

And yes, Paypal please. :D

1. Black/red party wig

Fairly cheap party wig, black hair with red streaks, top is short and kinda wavy with a long braid. Silk roses glued to the braid. Never worn.
Pics: front left back right

2. Long pink wig

Long straight wig with bangs, cotton candy pink, once worn with an Utena costume. Fiber is a little kinked from being in storage, so it'll need to be combed and hung up so the kinks fall out.
Pics: front back

3. Purple beehive wig

Light purple, about chin length, beehive back. Good fiber, but definitely needs combing.
Pics: front left back right

4. Long curly pink wig

Screaming pink wig, wavy bangs and top, tight spiral curls behind. Kanekalon fiber. Worn for a Zarana (from GI Joe) costume. I LOVE this wig and really don't want to part with it, but it's been in storage for so long that my practical side says it needs a new home. ;_;
Pics: front left back right

5. Short blonde wig

Short wig with bangs, dark blonde with light blonde highlights. Bought from Fifi Mahony's in New Orleans, so it's good quality. Worn like 8 years ago for a Card Captor Sakura costume. Not sure why I still have it because I look terrible with hair this short. :p
Pics: front left back right

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From: sundancekat
Date: Jun. 19th, 2009 08:37 pm (UTC)

Just got the notification; thanks a bunch! It'll probably go out in the mail tomorrow, so you'll have it mid-week next week.

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