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SWAP: various wigs and Naruto character pieces REPOST

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Oct. 16th, 2007 | 10:45 am
posted by: sailortweek in cos_swap

I added a new item! 10/16/07

Hey folks.  I am cleaning out my closets and trying to rid of costume things that I don't use anymore or never will use.  The list is pretty long so have a look.  ^_^
Black wig! - Long, no bangs, has some body to it.  Worn twice for a photo shoot and a fitting.  Very nice wig, but black wigs don't suit me too well.  The wig was bought from cosworx by a friend of mine.  She sold it to me when my local theater was looking desperatly for a black wig...needless to say, they didn't use the wig so now I have it and really don't know what to do with it.  ^_^
Pardon the Goth thing...it's the best picture I have of the wig.

Blue wig! - Be cautious about this wig!  I colored it with a sharpie and the color slips and gets on your hands.  The wig is pretty neat though...it is very thick and kinda tangly.  I bought this years ago at Hot Topic for various projects that never got off the ground.  Only been worn a few times and then washed.

Dreads! - 1 pair, worn once to try on...it's certainly not a look I can pull off!  *LOL* 
Black with white and purple
Blonde with purple and blue

Kakashi Vest! - Bought on Ebay a couple years aog, worn for a day, and washed delicately.  Not the best sewing job, but it's lots of fun to wear!  Will fit a medium everyone...maybe even a large in womens.  I have boobs so I asume a large.  ^_^

Kiba Sweater! - Grey Gap zip-up hoodie with black plush fur trim.  Trim is poorly whip-stitched by yours truely!  ^_^  It's easy to remove the trim and maked it all better if you like.  Size women's Medium.  Comfy and simple cotume to go around in! (just the sweater...no headpice or anything included)

I'm willing to swap for a number of things.  I'm looking for costume pieces for various costumes.
I'm starting to put together Haruka from FLCL.  I'm looking for gloves, googles, wristband...and that Guitar!
I'm searching for a wig suitable for Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo.
I am always interested in costume pieces, accessories, wigs, or full costumes of characters from
Tenchi Muyo 
Fruits Basket
Ranma 1/2
Kingdom Hearts (1 &2) - Especially fabric that may be suitable for an Organization 13 coat!

I'm also open to offers...give it a shot!  I might like! Just because I've never heard of the character  from the anime/manga/fandom won't stop me from giving it thought.  ^_^

That's really it.  I hope that this is in an acceptable format.  If not, I give the mods full permission to whip me senseless.  ^_^ 
Much grande thank yous to sadalice for the abbility to post on this here community. 

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Sailor Tweek

From: sailortweek
Date: Oct. 12th, 2007 02:21 pm (UTC)

Dearest Marty,
Give me your address and no one gets hurt! I will send you dreads, darling. You send me wig. The we all be happy! ^_^

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