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Fruits Basket Swap

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Jan. 3rd, 2007 | 08:44 am
posted by: sobezen in cos_swap

Two seasons ago I made Sohma Kagura's kitty backpack for a cosplay that I never got around to finishing and probably never will. I've lost interest and the backpack just takes up room in my tiny closet. Note: it is not functional - it has a working zipper, but is stuffed with Fiberfill to give it a good shape. I could also throw in a Sohma Kyo bracelet (anime style) if someone was interested in a couple/group cosplay. In exchange I'm interested in pretty much anything from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle or just random fabric/lace for EGL stuffs. Photo Link
This pic is in its unstuffed state. More photos available on request.

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